Bennett House is partnered with the Veteran Administration to provide the best care for our local Veterans.


Understanding VA Benefits

Adult Day Care is an assisted living service that is available to most Veterans and can be approved for VA coverage up to 3 days per week. We help caregivers keep their loved one living at home while providing a safe place for them to be while their caregiver is at work or running errands.

Adult Day Care is a part of the VA Standard Medical Benefits Package. All enrolled Veterans are eligible “IF they meet the clinical need for the service and it is available.”  

What does that mean? Basically if their doctor says they would benefit from Adult Day Care, they are eligible. This is most common for Veterans suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or PTSD.


Accessing VA Benefits

If the Veteran is currently using the VA system, all you need to do is make an appointment with their Doctor and request a referral to the respite program “Adult Day Care”.

If the Veteran is NOT currently using the VA system, you will need to get them into the system so they can utilize their VA medical benefits. How do they do that?


You will need to bring their DD-214 “discharge papers” and last year’s tax return (if they have one) and form 10-10EZ to the 7th floor of the VA hospital eligibility department.

Click the link below for form 10-10EZ  


You can also mail the DD-214 “discharge papers”, 10-10EZ  and tax return.  To the  Seattle Regional Benefit Office. 

Jackson Federal Building
915 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98174


You can also request the services of a Service Officer by contacting the county vets office in which they live.

Darryl Heisey
Post Falls Office of Veterans Advocacy
120 East Railroad Avenue
Post Falls, Kootenai, ID 83854
Ph: (208) 446-1092


Once the papers are submitted, it takes about 4 weeks for processing and verifying eligibility, and then an appointment can be scheduled at the local veteran clinic.