How To Minimize The Risk of Getting Alzheimer’s

From the desk of Dr. Holly Carling

Now that we know the 4 Factors That Cause Alzheimer’s,Physical Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Environmental Factors, what can we do to minimize our risks of getting Alzheimer’s Disease?

Handle as many of the 4 factors as we can!

Use herbs, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle to eliminate the health challenges that can predispose you to AD.

These include:
-Eliminating chronic infections or inflammatory conditions
-Losing excess weight
-Controlling cardiovascular and blood sugar conditions
-Getting appropriate treatment for head traumas and whiplashes (such as chiropractic or acupuncture treatments)
-Handling stress and emotional imbalances.

Eat a diet high in good fats such as fish, raw nuts and seeds, quality pastured meats, butter, coconut oil (has extraordinary effects on brain health), etc.

Take quality vitamins and minerals that are made from foods, not chemicals, such as Standard Process brand supplements. Eat ample amounts of protein, especially raw proteins, and cut the carbohydrates.

Get ample exercise, especially in fresh air, such as you find in doing yard work or gardening, riding a bike (or exercise bike), and do crossword puzzles.

Research shows that just reading isn’t enough. The brain must be engaged, which means you have to think. Quality sleep is another important factor.

The fact is, there is much we can do between lifestyle, the foods we eat and the health care we receive that can have a profound effect on preventing this debilitating disease!

Dr. Carling is a good friend to Bennett House Adult Day Care Center and can be reached at 208-765-1994 and would be happy to answer any questions regarding this topic.