The 4 Factors That Cause Alzheimer’s

From the desk of Dr. Holly Carling

The causes of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) are multifactorial.

These can be categorized into 4 factors: Physical Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Environmental Factors

Physical Health
Certain health conditions seem to precipitate AD. They include:
-chronic infections
-chronic inflammation from multiple sources
-repeated blows to the head or whiplashes
-excessive body fat
-atrial fibrillations
-high blood pressure
-poorly controlled diabetes
-chronic stress
-chronic clinical depression
-strokes or mini-strokes  
-high homocysteine levels

Nutritional factors include:
-poor intake of Essential Fatty Acids
-Vitamin deficiencies (especially B vitamins, and the antioxidant vitamins: Vitamins A, C and E) 
-inadequate amounts of quality protein
-excessive carbohydrates.

Lifestyle is always a factor in any disease, and AD is no different.
-Inadequate exercise
-An unlearning mind
-physical inactivity
-lack of sunlight
-insufficient sleep are all cited as being risk factors for Alzheimer’s

Environmental Factors
Environmental factors such as:
-Excess exposure to aluminum
-Nitrates/nitrites/nitrosamines (found in processed foods and fertilizers)
-Other chemicals found in foods or in the air can be contributing factors

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